African Lady: a scintillating number from Biko

Artist: Biko

Song Title: African Lady

Producer: Big Soul

Label: Sub Sahara Entertainment Ltd

Biko, without a shred of doubt, is a talented new kid in the music block and his latest hot single titled African Lady will certainly help win many followers. Produced by Sub Sahara Entertainment’s gifted music maker— Big Soul, the ballad is an enticing, mellow arrangement by the talented singer, whose heart-stringing acoustics and African percussion create the perfect aura for two lovers.

Biko’s sultry yet soft vocals will disarm every African lady on the continent; enough, as he so wittingly expresses, to “…let me take you to my mama.” With an original classic such as this, Biko will easily fill the Young Male Vocalist void that has long been left unattended. Look out for him at the forthcoming Miss University beauty pageant that will showcase the very beauties in his song African Lady.


Annual Friends of the Arts Art Exhibition held at the International School of Kenya

DSC_2636DSC_2584On 11th April 2014, the International School of Kenya (ISK), opened its doors to art lovers to savour fascinating works or art at its annual Friends of the Arts Art (FOTA) Art Exhibition, where more than 100 local artists and sculptors drawn from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania were set to showcase their artwork.

The four- day exhibition which runs until Wednesday 16th April 2014, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. It is providing a unique platform for new and upcoming artists to showcase their collections and engage directly with art lovers.


A total of 250 original works – paintings, collages, sculptures and mosaic pieces – are on show at the exhibition. The exhibition, which is organized by ISK’s Friends of the Arts (FOTA) has over the years gained prominence as a unique platform for promoting local talent. An estimated 600+ Kenyan artists have previously participated in the exhibition, and gained new markets for their craft.

Mr. John Roberts, Director of ISK said “As an institution we are deeply committed to sustainable partnerships with the community. Through this exhibition we are not only connecting Kenya’s budding talent to a ready market; we are also providing all art lovers the opportunity to connect with the artists in a safe and friendly environment.”DSC_2590

Proceeds from the sale of the artwork will benefit the artists and several ISK service learning groups including Rescue DADA, a rehabilitation and reintegration program for street girls to help increase their livelihood and security.






DSC_2585 (1)






Wakimbizi duo back with new Hit—Mututho

ARTIST: Wakimbizi FT Deebouwy SONG TITLE: Mututho PRODUCER: Big Soul LABEL: Subsahara Entertainment After being absent from the Kenyan music scene for a few years, the award winning duo of Morris and Henry Masheti popularly known as Wakimbizi are back with an interesting single that is quite definitive of their music.Wakimbizi2 Best remembered for their track John whose double meaning lyrics had fans talking, Wakimbizi are back with Mututho– one of the tracks from there soon to be released album and the track is definately destined for instant and popular notoriety like its namesake (if you know what I mean). Wakimbizi was formed in the mid ’90s by brothers Morris and Henry Masheti using the stage names Mariko and Mr. Filter respectively. They started recording with DJ Stone at Bedrock Studios. Later on they got signed under Subsahara Entertainment where they released their 2nd album Usife Moyo produced by Ulopa. Usife Moyo became so popular with tracks like Hallo Hallo and the aforementioned track John. After the success of those two songs, which received tremendous airplay, and won many awards and even an endorsement deal, the group went low under the radar to create new music. Now they are back with what promises to be a Kenyan, if not east African favorite – Mututho, which will not only resonate with a wide local audience, is sure to become a regular club theme song for obvious reasons… What is now clear is that they are back, big time! And watch this space as they are currently working on a new album that will put them back squarely on replay again, and again, and again…

Call for Proposals: 18th International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama 2014

February 21, 2014 1 comment

By JPR Ochieng’-Odero

doc05587720140221121720_001My dear performing artist, the Council for Performing Arts in Kenya (ProPerArt Trust) has recently been informed of the above call for proposals. The notice was very short but the Committee has extended the date of submission of application forms from 31st January, 2014 to 28th February, 2014.

The application can be done firstly by email, with the signature scanned, and then by post, together with a DVD of the performance latest by 28th February, 2014. Since you work with other performing artists please ask them to also apply. The many the applicants are the better so that Kenya does not miss even one chance during the selections.

Any group or artist that who will be selected due to their performance will be given air ticket, accommodation, meals and transportation in Cyprus.

Attached please find the document for you to study.

 International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama 2014 copy

For further information, please contact:

Jane A. Atudo (Mrs.),

Senior Cultural Officer,

Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts,

Department of Culture,

P. O. Box 67374-00200,


Tel: +2542727980-4.




doc05587720140221121720_008 doc05587720140221121720_003doc05587720140221121720_004



Call for Applications to Participate in the Capacity Building Workshop

February 5, 2014 Leave a comment

The World Intellectual Property Organisation, in collaboration with the Government of Kenya, through the Kenya Copyright Board is working on a project to strengthen and develop the audio-visual sector in Kenya through training and capacity building within the scope of the WIPO Development Agenda. This is part of a wider pilot project involving two other countries namely Senegal and Burkina Faso. The objectives of this training are;

  1. To contribute to enhanced use of the intellectual property system for the financing, production and distribution of audio-visual works; and
  2. To advance the development of an effective and balanced framework and infrastructure for the exercise and management of IP rights-based transactions in the audio-visual sector.

The training programme which will take place in Nairobi, will cover the following issues:

  • Global audio-visual sector and the digital landscape;
  • National and international regulatory framework;
  • Economy of rights transactions and revenue flows;
  • Rights-based transactions: How to use intellectual property rights for financing and distribution: Sale and pre-sale agreements;
  •  Value of different rights – the film value chain: establishing a chain of titles chain for rights transactions;
  • Role of television in the value chain: using pre-sales of broadcasting rights to finance production;
  • Acquisition process, global sales and distribution opportunities;
  • Home, TV online, ancillary markets and new revenue windows;
  •  Rights licensing, distribution agreements and contracts; rights negotiations with broadcasters and new media online platforms; consideration of the contractual guidelines for the audio-visual industry;
  • Foreign distribution rights and co-production agreements; and
  • Dispute Settlement for the Film Industry: making better use of arbitration and mediation.

Each of the three workshops will be conducted over four days, and will involve 25 to 30 professionals focusing on those involved with financing, production and distribution of audio-visual works. During the workshops, participants will receive a variety of programme materials and pedagogical packs using the latest available communication tools.

The Kenya Copyright Board hereby invites applicants from the following groups who will be selected on the basis of career background, motivation and references:

  • Film producers, film directors, screen-writers, composers, audio-visual performers;
  • Production and distribution companies;
  • Financial institutions and banks;
  • Specialized lawyers;
  • Exhibitors; and
  • Collective management organizations

Applicants are required to submit their applications to be considered for the above project, which should include their curriculum vitae, motivation, references, recent projects in the creative industries and affiliations.

Kindly address your applications to:

The Executive Director

Kenya Copyright Board

The deadline for submission of applications is February 7, 2014

20 Years in the Business and Africando, the international Super AfroSalsa Group still Rocks

January 30, 2014 1 comment

artworks-000052587695-tq800l-t500x500Africando’s 8th studio album, this is the first not recorded primarily in New York. This time the Africando masterminds, producer Ibrahima Sylla and arranger Boncana Maïga, bring New York’s top Latin musicians – led by pianist Oscar Hernandez – to Paris. There they reunite with the group’s vocal stars, Medoune Diallo, Sékouba Bambino, Amadou Ballaké and Shoubou, along with distinguished guest singers from diverse African and American countries, singing, all told, in 10 different languages.

But whatever the language, with Africando it’s always classic big-band salsa – salsa dura – the hottest Afro-Latin style. That dedication to a golden sound is brought home in the album finale, a tribute to Africando by the great contemporary American champions of classic salsa, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, featuring Ray de la Paz.

¡Viva Africando! ¡Viva!

The Tracks:-

1. Deni Sabali 4’13” Amadou Ballaké
2. Xalass Xalass 4’43” Bassirou Sarr
3. Doundari 4’14” Sékouba Bambino (
4. Xam Sa Bop 4’59” James Gadiaga
5. Es Para Ti Gnonnas 4’08” Jos Spinto
6. En Vacances 5’11” Shoubou
7. Maria Mboka 4’10” Lokombe
8. Ma Won Mio 5’13” Jos Spinto
9. Yen Djiguengny 6’09” Pascal Dieng
10. Noche con Santana 7’55”
Rene Cabral with Eddie Zervigon (flute)
11. Destino 5’24” Raymond Fernandes
12. Bouré Yayé Diama 5’11” Medoune Diallo
13. Africa Es ‘Tribute to Africando’ 5’43”
Ray De La Paz
performed by the Spanish Harlem Orchestra

The Singers:

Amadou Ballake: a pioneer of modern music in Burkina Faso, back for his fourth album with Africando

Bassirou Sarr: from one of Senegal’s most popular current groups, Dieuf-Dieul

Sékouba Bambino: Guinea’s biggest star since his youth in Bembeya Jazz National, joined Africando in 1996

James Gadiaga: from Senegal and the long-established Royal Band de Thiès

Jos Spinto: celebrating his first decade in Africando and an even longer career at home in Benin

Shoubou: aka Roger Eugène, a patriarch of the pre-eminent Haitian band, Tabou Combo

Lokombe: was in one of the hottest Congolese bands of the high ‘70s, les Grands Maquisards

Pascal Dieng: on his second album and therefore a relative newcomer, on loan from Super Cayor de Dakar

Rene Cabral: first album for Africando but has led the Cape Verde Show for over three decades

Raymond Fernandes: born in Dakar of Cape Verdean origin and has sadly died before his track could be released

Medoune Diallo: a veteran from Senegal and a charter member of Africando

Ray De La Paz: lead singer of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, the strongest champions of classic salsa

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,300 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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